Sterilization and Infection Control

      Your child's health and safety is our ultimate concern. We are proud to have the state-of-the-art Adec Sterilization Center and the "Lisa" Autoclave, which is a hospital-grade autoclave system that far surpasses the dental industry standard. We also use standard infection control methods, which ensure that utmost cleanliness is maintained during all forms of treatment as well as patient safety.

     Digital X-rays

     Our office is proud to introduce the latest form of diagnostic imaging to all of our patients. Digital radiography has emerged as an effective evaluation tool which provides numerous benefits to patient health, the environment, and increased patient confidence in dental treatment options.

     Taking images of your child's teeth through digital x-rays allows for minimal radiation exposure. Additionally, without the need to process films with chemicals, the environment is protected as well. The ability to enhance, magnify, and display the digital x-ray images chairside further instills a greater level of confidence in patient care and treatment. (C) 2006 Nhu.Q.Tran ::: Design by